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Tally Shortcut Keys: Today we are going to talk about the Tally Shortcut Keys, my friends, actually during the interview a lot of questions are asked which are mostly related to Tally Shortcut Keys. Shortcuts Keys means that you can finish your work as soon as possible with the help of your Tally Tricks. That’s why we use shortcut keys, so let’s know about Shortcut Keys Tally

After the coming of GST, this question arises in the minds of people that after the implementation of GST, how will work on Tally Software be done? The arrival of GST has greatly affected the Tally software, in fact many of its features have changed due to the arrival of GST.

This is why recently Tally ERP9 Shortcut Keys | Tally Tricks have also changed. So let’s first know, Tally’s Functions Keys

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Tally Function keys – Tally All Function Keys For Use

  • F1 Function Key 

F1 Shortcut Key is used in 2 ways:

i) This function key is used to select the company in which we want to work,

ii) It is also used to select Inventory and Accounts options.

  • F2 Function Key

i) To change the date of your voucher, this shortcut is used,

ii) This can also change the menu period, eg from 1-4-21 can be changed to 1-5-19.

  • F3 Function Key

With this, you choose the menu period of your company.

  • F4 Function Key

With this you choose Contra Voucher.

  • F5 Function Key

It is used to make a payment voucher.

  • F6 Function Key

It is used to create Receipt Voucher.

  • F7 Function Key

Journal voucher is used to make it.

  • F8 Function Key

To make a Sale Voucher, whenever you have to create a Sale Invoice, you will use this shortcut key.

  • F9 Function Key

They use this to create a purchase voucher.

  • F10 Function Key

Reversing Journal is used for entry of Voucher.

  • F11 Function Key

The associated facilities and functions related to the voucher can be selected.

  • F12 Function Key

Configuration Screen Setting can be seen.

  • Ctrl + F8

Used to make a credit note.

  • Ctrl + F9

Used to make a debit note.

  • Alt + F1

This shortcut key is used in 3 ways

i) If you are on the menu screen, you can close the company easily,

ii) Secondly if you are on the report screen, you can see that report in detail,

iii) To find out the data of any one line in your entire data, it is used to extract.

  • Alt + F2

Used to change the period.

  • Alt + F3

It is used at the Gateway of Tally Screen in two ways:

i) To view the information of any company,

ii) To create or change a new company.

  • Alt + F4

Used to create purchase order voucher or PO.

  • Alt + F5

It is used to create Sales Order Voucher or to view Sale Order information.

  • Ctrl + F6

Used to enter Rejection In.

  • Alt + F7

They use it to manage a stock journal.

  • Alt + F8

Whenever a goods goes for delivery, we have to make a delivery note, so with the help of this shortcut key, we can easily make a delivery note.

  • Alt + F9

Used to make a Receipt Note.

  • Alt + f10

This shortcut key is used to create Physical Stock Voucher.

  • Alt + F12

To filter out the monetary value of the same.

  • Alt + 2

Used to make Duplicate Voucher.

  • Alt + a

Used to add a new voucher.

  • Alt + c

The voucher screen is used to create a new master.

  • Alt + d

Any Boucher (Voucher) and Master (Master) is used to delete (but it also deletes the Boucher (Master)) which is not being used in any way Huh )

  • Alt + E

Used to export any report as ASCII, HTML, XML or SDF Format.

  • Alt + h

Whatever you need help related to Tally Software, they can take information with the help of this shortcut key.

  • Alt + i

The voucher is used to insert any new voucher in the middle of the list.

  • Alt + N

Used to view all reports simultaneously as an Automatic Column.

  • Alt + m

All types of reports are used to email.

  • Alt + o

Any kind of report is used for uploading to your website.

  • Alt + p

Used to print any report.

  • Alt + r

Used to remove any line in your report.

  • Alt + s

Whatever line you removed with the help of Alt + R, it is used to bring back that line.

  • Alt + U

The line you just removed with the help of Alt + R is used to retrieve that line.

  • Alt + w

Used to view Tally Web Browser.

  • Alt + x

Any voucher of Day Book / List Of Voucher is used to cancel.

  • Alt + y

Used to register on the tally.

  • Alt + z

Used to do Zoom.

  • Ctrl + A

Any form / voucher is used to accept.

  • Ctrl + Alt + B

Used to view Company Statutory Details.

  • Ctrl + G

Groups are used to make choices.

  • Ctrl + Alt + I

Statutory Masters is used to import.

  • Ctrl + Q

Without changing any work, leave that work and come out.

  • Ctrl + Alt + R

Write data for the company again.

  • Ctrl + M

Tally is used to move from the screen to the main area screen.

  • Ctrl + N

Tally is used to use the calculator on the screen itself.

  • Ctrl + R

The same type of voucher narration is used to repeat in every ledger.

  • Ctrl + T

Any Boucher is used to mark the Post Date Voucher.

  • Ctrl + Alt + C

Copying of any word from Tally is done.

  • Ctrl + Alt + V

The word you copied from Tally is used to paste it elsewhere.

  • Shift + Enter

Used to see the next step of any description.

The Shortcut Key To Quit From Tally Is ESC

This shortcut key is used to exit the current tally screen.

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