Dark 7 White on ZEE5 and ALTBalaji: Know release date, cast, trailer

Dark 7 white maybe a youth-oriented political thriller mystery web series. They are releasing on 24 November 2020 on ALT Balaji. It is an upcoming Hindi web series directed by sattvik Mohanty. this web series may be a youth-oriented political thriller mystery web series.

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Dark 7 White Release Date

this web series releasing on 24 november 2020 on ALT Balaji.

Dark 7 White Teaser

Title- Dark7white

Main cast- Sumeet vyas,Nidhi singh,Jatin sarma
Genre- Crime ,Thriller
Director- Sattwik Mohanty
Producer-Ekta kapoor
Story and Screenplay-Shashank Kunwar, Preya Hirji,Mayuri Roychoudhury,
Mohinder Pratap Singh

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Dark 7 White Cast-

The complete cast of web series :

1-Sumeet vyas
2-Nidhi singh
3- Jatin sarna
4-Monica chaudhary
5-Taniya kalra
6-Shekhar choudhary
7- Rachit bahal
8- Sanjay batra
9- Snehil dixit mehra
10-Kunj anand


this is upcoming hindi web series,directed by sattvik mohanty.Dark 7 white may be a youth oriented political thriller mystery web series.

Dark 7 white may be a youth oriented political thriller mystery web series.releasing on 24 november 2020 on ALT Balaji.it is upcoming hindi web series,directed by sattvik mohanty.Dark 7 white may be a youth oriented political thriller mystery web series.

Directors and producers have captured the special viewers’ nerves, and this is why crime-thriller series are being released one after the other on every platform. The ‘बिच्छू का खेल’ series was released a few days ago on the OTT platform Zee 5 and Alt Balaji and now the web series ‘Dark 7 White’ has been released. The series is full of crime-thrillers and suspense. The story of the series is taken from Shweta Brijpuria’s crime-thriller English novel ‘Dark White’. In the series story, a young CM is murdered and his murder charge is on the head of 7 people, so 7 points have been used in the middle of the series name. The web series is directed by Satwik Mohanty and stars Sumit Vyas, Nidhi Singh, Jatin Sarna, Monika Chaudhary, Tania Kalra and many more in the lead role. So let’s know what is the story of the series-

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What is special about this?

Yudhveer Singh, i.e., UD (Sumit Vyas), son of a royal family of Rajasthan, will take oath for CM’s post. UD’s best friends are Gresma (Tania Kalra), her husband Shashank, Neelu (Monica Chaudhary), Dhawal (Rachit Bahl), Kush (Kunj Anand), and fiancé Daisy (Nidhi Singh). They won UD’s college election to become CM Up to date. There is a lot of pride over UD’s status as his royal and the royal family. Still, it breaks when ACP Abhimanyu (Jatin Sarna) slaps UD. After this, UD gets the craze to sit in the highest posture, i.e., CM post.
To become CM, UD murdered his girlfriend Tashi and then implicated his daughter in his trap to win the trust of the current CM Bhaironath Singh. After many intrigues, he is killed in the middle of the way when UD is going with his Lav-Lashkar to take CM’s oath. The murder of CM becomes a big case, and the investigation of this case falls on ACP Abhimanyu. Now ACP has 7 people on its radar, including UD’s special friend and his grandfather. All of UD’s friends were special, but they all have a reason to commit murder. To know who killed the CM and why you have to watch the web series ‘Dark 7 White’ released on Zee 5 and Alt Balaji. The series has a total of 10 episodes, which are of 25 minutes.


Satwik Mohanty picks up a murder-mystery story and presents it with suspense on screen. The screenplays of Mohinder Pratap Singh and Mayuri Roy Choudhary have a good pace, but it takes too long to understand the story’s characters. In this series full of murder-mystery, everything has been taken care of, and due to this, politics, rivalries, relationship differences, and suspense are maintained till the end.

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Talking about the characters’ acting in ‘Dark 7 White’, Sumit Vyas has behaved quite well. We have seen Sumit Vyas with Permanent Roommates, and till now, his character has taken a lot of seriousness. Jatin Sarna has done full justice to her name, and she has performed brilliantly. Nidhi Singh did not have a significant role, but she has done an excellent job. The rest of the stars, Monika Chaudhary, Tania Kalra, Sanjay Batra, Kunj Anand, and Rachit Bahl, have also acted well.
In this web series, you will find Murder Mystery and Suspense and the unique thing is that at the end, when you will know who and why the CM was killed, you will be surprised. The stars’ performance in the series is also good, but 5 episodes will take you to understand the characters. At the beginning of the series, so many characters come together so that you can find the series quite dull and slow till you know about them. After this, the series catches speed, and the murder investigation starts, and the suspense will finally open. If you like the crime-thriller series, you can watch this series once, but if you avoid abuses, then let me tell you that the series has a lot of abuse.

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