Naxalbari web series release date, cast, trailer

There is a village in West Bengal Whose name is naxalbari. In May 25, 1967, the Communist Party ruled Bengal. And the peasant movement was at its peak. There was resentment among the farmers against the landlords. In such a situation, the farmer started a rebellion against his land and against the exploitation of the landlords. And whoever became a part of this battle was called naxalbari.According to recent figures, 11 states of the country are affected by Naxalism. Naxal violence is seen in a total of 90 districts.The state most affected by Naxalism is Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha

Naxalbari web series will be released on November 28 on Zee5 application. In this web series, you will get to see the best action scenes, along with this you will see the scenes of forest very dangerous.

Availability & Release Date

This web series will be released on November 28 on Zee5 application.

Naxalbari Teaser

Title- Naxalbari

Main cast- Rajeev khandewal,tinaDatta,Sreejita Dey, and Satyadeep mishra
Genre- Action
Director- Vivek Agnihotri

Naxalbari Summary

Whose name is Naxalbari. In this web series you will see violent clashes between the Naxalites and the police. Along with this, atrocities in the life of Naxalites will be seen. Shown in this web series. How the Naxalites go on a rebellion for their land. Some political issues in his life lead to storms. He goes to any extent to take revenge. This web series is a message giving web series. You must see this web series.
Seeing this web series, you will experience real life Naxalites.

Naxalbari is an indian crime thriller web series,thus web series starring Rajeev khandewal, tinaDatta, Sreejita Dey and Satyadeep mishra

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