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Hello, friends, if you are a big fan of Arshad Warsi And like to see their pictures and web series. Soon, he is bringing you the second season of his old web series Asur, Asur 2 web series will be very fun and full of entertainment because so much suspense has been kept in its first season. That it makes sure to watch its second season this web series, you will get to see a different look and performance of Arshad Warsi; this is a crime thriller web series.

Gaurav Shukla is the author producer of Crime Mystery 2020. The show is directed by Oni Sen. The interesting thing about the series is that Arshad Warsi has made a web debut with this series. It also stars television star Varun Sovati. Powerful performances by the actors and a touch of Indian mythology coupled with Asura’s plot have pushed the Indian thriller to a new level. IMDV rating 8.5 shows. That says a lot about this show

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Asur 2 Cast

1-Arshad Warsi – Dhananjay Rajput (Lead Role)
2-Barun Sobti – Nikhil Nair (Lead Role)
3-Anupriya Goenka – Naina Nair (Lead Role)
4-Riddhi Dogra – Nusrat Saeed
5-Sharib Hashmi – Lolark Dubey
6-Amey Wagh – Rasool Shaikh
7-Pawan Chopra – Shashank Awasthi
8-Gaurav Arora – Kesar Bharadwaj
9-Anvita Sudarshan – Raina Singh
10-Nishank Verma – Samarth Ahuja
11-Archak Chhabra – Aditya Jalan
12-Aditya Lal – Moksh
13-Deepak Qazir – Neelkanth Joshi
14-Bondip Sarma – Ankit Sharma
15-Jayant Raina – Radhacharan Joshi
16-Sunayna Baile – Lolark’s Wife

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Asur Webseries Plot

The first season of this web series was a huge hit And the story of the first season was full of suspense. Now let’s talk about the story. To know this story, you have to understand the three characters of the story very well.

Are the first Dharanjay Rajput who works for CBI And there are very big officers of the forensic department. In the series, they are shown to be very smart and intelligent, And their reach is also very high. So their respect in society is also Often enough, in big cases, they give their verdict and give the punishment themselves.

The second is Nikhil Nayak also used to work for CBI And used to be students of Dharanjay. They are also shown to be very intelligent and clever in the series.They have an understanding of right and wrong.After leaving the CBI, he does a teaching job in America with his wife and his daughter. He believes that no matter how big a criminal or someone has done something wrong, he must be given a chance to improve.

Is the third and main character Of an alien boy named Shubh.Whose children are called Asura since childhood Because his mind runs faster than the rest and children And from any point of view its movements do not look like a minor child. That’s why Shubh’s father hates him. And start calling him asur. The lives of these three are closed. When suddenly 1 day starts being murdered strangely. The right finger’s index finger is cut from the body of the deceased. And a strange mask is found near his dead body.

The first victim of this murder is Dharanjay’s wife himself, due to which Dharanjay is removed, and Nikhil is made back to India, who can find the hidden masterman behind the murder.

The story revolves further in the series that Nikhil starts suspecting Dhananjay and he sends him to jail for his wife’s murder.After Dhananjay goes to jail, Nikhil faces the real mastermind killer Who kidnaps Nikhil, and then He gets murdered by Nikhil

When the twist comes in the story When Dharanjay comes to know that shubh is behind all these Muders And he is doing all this to take revenge on Murder Dharanjay.

Dharanjay and shubh meet 11 years ago in Varanasi.

11 years ago Dharanjay went to Varanasi to conduct pooja where he meets shubh.

Shubh very cleverly kills his father by poisoning him And plays That his father died by drowning in the water But Dharanjay exposes Shubh in front of everyone. And telling the age of shubh over 18 Send him to jail, Due to this Nikhil goes to America leaving Dharanjay and CBI.  

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Asur second season leaks

Also at the end of the show’s last episode it was very well made clear the possibility of season 2 is very high.Asura was shown in March 2020 and the score was very well liked by the public and told very well. The show got huge reviews in no time but due to COVID-19 the show is delayed but you guys don’t worry. Will see season 2 of this web show very soon

The suspense in the story is who the real Asur ?

The question in the story is why shubh murdered other people ?

Friends, you must have heard that referring to the Kali-yuga, it has been said that such a movement will come when all the good people will become corrupt and fall behind each other’s life. To prove this, Shubh wants to bring out the Darkside of every human being, which is clearly shown by team kidnapping at the end of the series where those people are forced to kill each other. 

Shubh won or lost in series ?

This Asur thinking is really hidden inside the people, it is just the madness of a psycho killer, with the help of which he is playing with the lives of innocent people.

So Asur lost in the Friends series Because Nikhil saves three lives on one side in the series. Because of which his daughter dies On the other hand, Dharanjay gives proof of his humanity by putting his life at stake.

The last question is who is the real shubh ?

Is Rasool the only real shubh Or is there someone else? Which has been hidden from our eyes till now. Shubh’s original identity has not been revealed in the series.

Friends will answer all these questions in the second season of Asur.

Talking about friends Asur 2, the work on its script is going on and preparations are going to start soon for its shooting.

Second season of asur 2

Actually the second season will increase the fight between Good and Evil. The war between Sur and Asur at the end of the first season, which we saw will clear up the path between Nikhil and Dhananjay in the coming season and Bay will again join forces. Another thing we do not know is that Asur’s. There is a big plan in mind that maybe we get to know how many Asurs are in the system and how deeply it is involved. Now we can’t wait for the second season

So its second season is being prepared, whose script has been written and the place is being seen for the shooting. It is estimated that you can see the second season of Asur 2 by August 2021.

If you have more details about this , then please comment below down we try to update it within an hour

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