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Friends today we are talking about Fixerr Web Series. Friends, let me tell you, the first season of this web series has come so far, which has 12 episodes in total.

Fixerr is a 2019 Indian Hindi action drama web series made by Sakett Saawnhney and produced by Rita Sawnhney under his banner Ekomkar Pictures ALT Balaji. Moreover, it is also available on the ZEE5 platform. The web series features actor Shabir Ahluwalia’s web debut and supporting roles in Mahie Gill, Karishma Sharma, Tigmanshu Dhulia and Varun Badola. This web series was made available on 7 October 2019 on ALT Balaji and ZEE5 platforms.

Fixerr Release date

7 October 2019 on ALT Balaji and ZEE5 platforms.

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Fixerr Web Series plot

The web series revolves around an authorized inspector, Jayveer Malik, who is accused of killing a gangster’s wife during an encounter and has been suspended for the same. This web series investigates how Malik works with them to punish the accused after their suspension, kill them, and join them so that I can wipe them all out. So this was the plot of Fixerr Web Series.

Fixer Web Series Cast

1-Shabir Ahluwalia Jaiveer Maalik
2-Isha Koppikar Jayanti Jaydev
3-Mahie GillKesar Maalik
4-Karishma Sharma Aahana Khurrana
5-Tigmanshu DhuliaYashpal Sherawat
6-Varun BadolaDigvijay Dalmia
7-Gagan AnandTarun Dalmia
8-Mukesh ChhabraAgantuk
9-Amit Gaur Karim Mirza
10-Ravi Kesar Shiv Pratap Singh
11-Anshuman MalhotraArjun Maalik
12-Rajat RawailVicky Kapoor
13-Rakhiherself (cameo)

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Fixerr Web Series Review

Fixerr is an Indian 18+ trending web series produced by ALT Balaji Productions. Friends, you must know how much ALT Balaji is famous for its Bold Content inside India and this web series is also no exception. Viewers like this web series very much. Friends, that’s why today I am writing this article, here you will find everything you need about the fixerr web series and tell you how to watch fixerr web series free.

Why should you watch the Fixerr web series, then let me tell you where to start, if you like it, this is an outstanding thriller web series, if friends you like to watch very entertaining shows, nowhere do you feel boredom. Let me tell you, this web series is one of them, in this web series you get to see a lot of action scenes, here in the web series you will see many times where our hero is walking around with his gun so that he can quickly solve the case. Could. As I mentioned above, only Season 1 has come in this web series so far and in which there are 12 episodes in total, which you can finish by watching in a full day without getting bored, and you are going to have a lot of fun on this web. In the series you get to see bold scenes in many places, friends, that’s why I am saying that you must watch Fixerr Web Series.

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Let’s throw a little light like its story. Here is a beautiful and honest police officer named Malik. Everyone praises him, along with him the policemen always look at him with great pride, but suddenly they are suspended. Because they are accused of shooting an innocent woman. After being suspended, our hero’s character changes completely. Now he changes from hero’s character to villain’s character in the web series, but not for the rich. Now he is like a god for rich people but very expensive for them. The sons of rich people become a problem for their parents and sometimes even adults, and then Malik’s role begins. Malik solves the problem and deals in crores.
Friends, after our hero was suspended, Malik’s character was completely changed, now he is like a lion in the forest. Like I explain to you now how he is like a lion in the forest who has no fear of death, but he loves money very much, nowhere you do not like a lion, sometimes a lion does not love money anymore Let me explain in the Chinese language what Malik does here, he can say any problem that is dirty, he solves it and takes too much money to solve it from the rich people.

There are 12 episodes in total, and all the episodes are based on the rich person or the son or politician of the rich people, and then all of that gets stuck in a problem. Malik solves this case and demands money. Meanwhile, he also makes many friends and enemies, but we know that the number of enemies in such work is more than the number of friends. Meanwhile, Malik gets a girlfriend, and he also falls in love but let me tell you that Malik was already married as I have already told that this is Fixer web series is an 18+ trending web series. It has been constructed by Alt Balaji so that you can see a lot of bold scenes here. Now I will not tell much otherwise your fun will be spoiled, you can see this Fixerr Web Series.

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