Google Mera Naam Kya Hai | Google मेरा नाम क्या है

Google mera naam kya hai- Google – What’s My Name? Can Google really tell me what my name is? Today we are going to learn more about this new post again. Now you must also be wondering, what is your name in Google really? He knows And if you Google what is my name? (Google मेरा नाम क्या है?) If this question is asked, can it really tell your name? All these questions will be roaming in your mind.

Friends, today we are going to tell you about a very interesting topic, do you also often ask Google what is Google my name (Google Mera Name Kya Hai) and all the time you want Google to tell your name, today you absolutely Has come to the right article. Because I will tell you in a lot of details so that you get a better understanding. You may also want to tell Google mera naam kya hai. So what I will tell you is to follow all the steps, after this you will understand everything.

Let me tell you, Google is a search engine. Whatever information you tell in it, that information will give you that information. If Google has information about you or you are any celebrities, actor, then your information will remain on Google Wikipedia, then you can get it easily.

Google Mera Naam Kya Hai – What is my name

Google has a software which we call Google Assistant, it has an Artificial Intelligence feature inside it, due to which we can use it according to our needs, the most popular feature in which people ask Google about their name. Now like we have told you above, if your name is known on Wikipedia, only google can tell what your name is. If you search your name, then there is a lot of information in the complete detail of your name. So now we know what this feature is? This feature is an inbuilt feature of Google Assistant, which people use for customized experience, these features are used to get answers according to themselves.

If you have Google Assistant in your mobile, then you too can easily tell your name to Google? Now all of you are wondering what is Google Assiatant? You will not know this Some people know about Google Assistant, but they do not know how they use it and what is the job of Google Assistant? All such questions come to your mind, you will get the answer to all these questions below.

Google Assistant क्या है? Google Mera Naam Kya Hai

google assistant kaise download kare
google assistant kaise download kare

All of you are very desperate to know about Google Assistant, if you know about Google Assistant, then what is your name easily? You can find out. Google launched Google Assistant in 2016. Google Assistant This is considered more like a Google now feature. As such, Apple siri in Apple was likewise the Google Assistant feature elasticity in Google.

This is the advanced update of Google Now, as many new features are seen in it. Let me tell you that if you ask any question in Apple Siri, then it was easy to get answers, similarly the job of Google Assistant is there, but Google Assistant has a lot of advanced Feautures compared to Apple Siri.Like what is your name? If you ask Google Assistant, then he can tell you your name, if you are standing somewhere and you have to know the address of some place, then you can easily ask Google Assistant.

We can consider this to be a living example of the present day Artificial Intelligence. It is also considered a personal assistant.In this, you do not need to write anything, you said OK GOOGLE that it gives you the answer to whatever question you asked it automatically. If you have to put any song on youtube in mobile then you can do it by speaking yourself without touching mobile. Google Assistant It is also present as an app, you can easily enjoy it by downloading this app from Play Store. It has become so popular that now inbuild is given in all mobiles, you just have to do a little setting and your assistant starts.

How Google Assistant works | Google Assistant कैसे काम करता है

Google Mera Naam Kya Hai btao
Google Mera Naam Kya Hai btao

Friends, to use this feature, you have to download and install the Google assistant app from Google playstore and open it and tell your name to Google and then your name gets saved in that Google database and then when you get your name from Google If asked, he gives you the answer. It is a game of all software.

How to turn on this feature

Friends, if you have known and understood this much then you need to know how you will tell your name to Google, then now we will know how to proceed this process. Your first task is that you have to keep Google Assistant in your phone and then turn on this feature, so this feature is inbuilt in every phone. Your features are already enabled in Google Assistant, just you have to open and ask.

But if you do not enable it, then it does not work when you have this feature turned on, then you have to ask in it that Google mera naam kya hai and after that there will be a direct question that Google does not know your name right now and that If the software asks you for your name, then you have to tell your name.

If you already have a name and want to change that name, then you have to ask Google to change my name, just you have to tell your name that google mera naam Amnesh hai, then they will change your name and add a new name to your server will do it.

Google Assistant – What’s my name? मेरा नाम क्या है?

Actually, it is with what name do you open your Gmail account in your Android mobile. That is the name that Google assistant can tell you. What is your name in simple language? This will easily get your name. If you have created your account under another name and you have to bring your own name, then you have to do some settings of Google, this will let you know your name easily.

Everybody google whats my name? (google mera naam kya hai) Want to know But many people Google what is my name? Even after asking these questions, the answer is not available. Then for those people, we have told you 5 steps to tell Google your name below.


Step 1: – First of all, you have to download Google Assistant App in your mobile, or enable Google Assistant.

Step 2: – If you have downloaded the Google Assistant app or turned it on, then by saying OKK GOOGLE, what is my name? (google mera naam kya hai) Will have to ask such a question. But what is your name? If Google does not know this, then your name will have to be mentioned.

Step 3: – Do you own Google Change My Name? These questions can be asked. Google will ask for your name.

Step 4: – You tell your name in Google, then what is My name from Google? These questions can be asked. And you can confirm your name.

Step 5: – Google will ask you permission to save your name, enable it by permission, Google will know what your name is.

You can call anyone’s name from Google.

You can also save the name of your mother and father, you can also call the name of your GF and you can also save the name of your friend, you can save the name of your siblings. You can save the address, your hometown or workplace can save everything and everything will be present in that database.

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