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Coronavirus Vaccine Updates: We all know that due to coronavirus many people have lost their lives and there are many people who are still fighting with coronavirus. But its treatment has been told that you should follow Social Distancing properly. This is the medicine for this disease, but friends, a good news has come for all of us Indians, which you too will be happy to hear. “Government of India has prepared the Covid-19 vaccine and it is being administered to the people as per the first phase” So let’s know more about Coronavirus Vaccine Updates.

What is Coronavirus?


It is important to know first of all. What is Coronavirus? | As we all know, coronavirus is the name of a disease. But there are still some things that people usually do not know about them. Coronaviruses are a very large group of viruses that have been transmitted to humans by wild animals. Usually this virus was found inside wild animals, but due to China, the disease has spread all over the world. Coronavirus has spread so much in the world that people are losing their lives, and so far many people have lost their lives due to this disease.

How does the corona virus spread?

Actually, coronavirus spreads by breath. Whenever a corona infected person comes in contact with any person, there is a 98% chance that the person in front can also easily get coronavirus infection. That is why people have been asked to follow social distancing and are advised to stay away from any crowded place.

Where did coronavirus come from?

The most important question is where did coronavirus come from? By the way, inside every other person, the question arises that where did coronavirus come from

Many people say that coronavirus came from snakes and some people say that coronavirus has spread all over the world by bats.

Although it is so that the coronavirus has been spread all over the world by the wild animal, but this virus has spread all over the world from the “wet market” of Wuhan city of China.

Actually Chinese people use wild animals in food and other medicines and it is said that coronavirus has come from their bats.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Generally the symptoms of coronavirus are very common, because some of its symptoms are similar to the symptoms of pneumonia, which are:

1-Severe headache
3-Having a cold
4-Dry cough
5-Feeling tired all day
6-Full body ache
7-Persistent fever
8-Difficulty in breathing, etc.

Coronavirus protection

Coronavirus protection
Coronavirus protection

Now it comes to that. Solution to avoid coronavirus | Friends W.H.O. Has released some guidelines to avoid coronavirus, so let’s see:

1-To avoid coronavirus, first of all you need to keep social distancing from people. Social distancing means that you have to keep distance from people, at least 1 meter distance.
2-If a person has an infection with respiratory tract diseases, then you stay away from him.
3-While coughing and sneezing, you must put a cloth over your mouth.
4-Try to wash your hands every 15 -20 minutes.
5-Boil the water and drink it.
6-Avoid traveling in any country where coronavirus infection is high.
7-At least shake hands with people and try not to need to shake hands.
8-Keep your hands sanitized.
9-And whenever you come in contact with any person, make sure that you keep a mask on your face.
10-Whoever is infected with coronavirus, take good care of it and keep a constant watch on it.

Coronavirus Vaccine India:

Friends, how long have we all been waiting for the Coronavirus vaccine. Everybody used to think that again and again. When will the corona virus vaccine arrive? Corona Vaccine Kab Aayegi | Coronavirus Vaccine Latest Updates | When will we be able to live our life as before? After all, when will we be able to enjoy our previous life again; The same Freedom, without any restraint, without masking, without social distancing, when will it become the same atmosphere as before.

So friends, this is a very good news for us ”Covid-19, that is, the coronavirus vaccine campaign has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, 16 January 2021. “

On the first day in the country, 1,91,181 people have been vaccinated with the coronavirus. Coronavirus vaccination campaign is going on very loudly in India and the most interesting thing is that India is the only country which has produced not one but two coronavirus vaccines in a very short time.

 Coronavirus Vaccine Schedule

Friends, Coronavirus Vaccine Updates will have Coronavirus Vaccine Dose. The first dose and the second dose will be spaced between 21 to 28 days, as doctors say that the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine starts working only after 10 to 14 days.

Who will get the coronavirus vaccine first?

In fact, the government has divided the process of coronavirus vaccination into three stages.

1-In the first phase, all those people, who are the front-line health care professionals of Covid-19 and those with high death, will be given the first coronavirus vaccination.
2-In the second phase, all those people associated with Emergency Service will be deployed.
3-In the last stage, this person will be given to those people who are suffering from serious diseases.

For this, all the health workers have prepared their state list.

How many people will take coronavirus vaccine?

The Government of India has set a target that it will vaccinate 30 crore people by July 2021.

Largest Immunization Campaign:

The coronavirus vaccine has been called the world’s largest vaccination campaign.

Coronavirus Vaccine Registration 

Friends, this instruction has been issued by the Ministry of Health that registration for the coronavirus vaccine is very important. For this, you have to download a mobile app called Co-Win. You can also download it from here by clicking on the link given below.

You have to do your registration on this app, for friends Corona vaccine, you can show any of the documents in the list below:

1-driving license
2-Aadhar card
3-Pan Card
5-Health Insurance Smart Card
6-MNREGA job card
7-Bank or post office passbook
8-Pension document
9-Voter ID Card

Will everyone need to apply the corona vaccine?

See friends, it is entirely on your choice whether you want to get Corona virus vaccine or not, there will be no pressure from the government for this. But I would like to tell you that you must get Corona virus vaccine whether you are corona possitive or negative.

What is the name of the Coronavirus vaccine?

Two vaccines have been developed in India, namely Oxford-AstraZeneca Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covicine.

Coronavirus Vaccine Side effects:

Friends, you must also know that if every medicine is doing profit then it can also do harm. Similarly, there is also the coronavirus vaccine, it also has some side effects. But there is nothing to worry, doctors are treating them well, whoever has suffered from the coronavirus vaccine.

List Of Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects

2-Feeling tired
3-Aching muscles
6-Body weakness
7-Stomach ache
9-Have a cold cough

Will everyone have to get the coronavirus vaccine?

It is said that Dr. Preeti Kumari, Vice President of Health Foundation, says that coronavirus vaccine will not be administered to children. Because so far this vaccine has not been tested on people under 18 years of age.

Who would first get the coronavirus vaccine?

The Friends Coronavirus Vaccine will be given first to Municipal and second to administrative people. As such, all the employees who are working on the front line against Kovid-19, connected with doctors and doctors. They will be given the Coronavirus vaccine first and those who are more than 50 years old or are suffering from other diseases will also be given priority.

How many people will be covered in the first phase of coronavirus?

In the first phase, 300 million people will be given a coronavirus vaccine and as the vaccine becomes available. In the same way, this scope will increase.

How to apply coronavirus vaccine

Vaccine points / Vaccine Centers have been created due to the coronavirus vaccine, in which social distancing will be most important and this vaccine will be applied in two doses to the person

Can there be a coronavirus even after a vaccine?

Its chances are very low that it should be coronavirus only after vaccination. But if this happens, the effect of coronavirus will not be as severe as it was before.

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