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A to Z Computer Shortcut Keys: Let’s talk today, A to Z Computer Shortcut Keys, Friends, we all know that a computer is a machine that makes many of our tasks very easy. But if that work can be done quickly and easily, how good will it be? Friends, I am talking about the shortcut key used in the computer. So let’s start knowing ..

Shortcut Keys In Computer

You must also know how much our country has moved forward in today’s time that it uses a lot of measures to save time, people are also using computers because they do not spend their time in calculating papers. Want to apply and in whatever way you want to do your work in the shortest possible time.

If you would also go to a company, then you would have been told to tell me the shortcut key of anything, like the shortcut key to cut it usually?

Depending on the mouse and keyboard of the computer, let’s start now which keyboard keywords are used to make things easier.

We mostly use Ctrl and Shift to adopt a shortcut method. By adopting the shortcut method, both our time and work gets done very easily and quickly. So let’s talk about shortcut keys,

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How to Log Off Computer, Use System and Mouse without:

If you want to Log Off / Log out / Switch Off the computer, then use “Window Logo + L”.

What is the use of ESC:

ESC is used when we use an active item and we have to come out immediately. Then we use ESC, like if we are watching a video on Facebook and want to come out of it, then press the button of ESC.

Computer Function Keys – Function Keys Use :

  1. Function Key (F1):

F1 is the first function key, it is used for help.

  1. Function Key (F2):

F2 is used to give another photo a new name / Rename.

  1. Function Key (F3):

F3 is used to open a search command of something.

  1. Function Key (F4):

F4 is used with Alt, Window Close is done from Alt + F4.

  1. Function Key (F5):

F5 is used to refresh the computer.

  1. Function Key (F12):

F12 is used to save any type of file.

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Keyboard Shortcut Keys Of Computer

  1. Alt + Space:

Through this Shortcut Keyword, things like Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Close can be done.

  1. Shift + Del:

Using this Shortcut Keyword, we can Permanently Delete any file.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + Space:

By pressing these three keys simultaneously, you can open the Taskbar of the computer.

  1. Shift:

Content can be selected with Shift.

  1. Window + L:

Computer Lock can be done by pressing Window and L simultaneously.

  1. Window + E:

Press the window and the E button simultaneously to open My Computer Explore.

  1. To view the properties of any objects:

First select the object with the help of Arrow / Cursor and press the button of Alt + Enter. Then use the Windows Logo + R to open the Run Command Box.

  1. How to make the size small or big:

To reduce the size of any site, press “Ctrl and +” simultaneously and press “Ctrl and -” to enlarge.

  1. How to go from one window to another:

We have to use the Alt + Tab button simultaneously, then we can move from one window to another. Apart from this, we can also move from one window to another using the Ctrl + Tab button.

  1. How to open a new tab without a mouse:

Use Ctrl + T to open a new tab in Chrome.

  1. How to access the menu of a window:

While working on any window, if we want to see the menu, then use Alt + Spacebar.

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Others Important Computer Shortcut Keys / A to Z Computer Shortcut Keys

  1. Window + R:

It is used to give the command of Run.

  1. Shift + Tab:

As we move forward using the Tab, the Shift is followed by pressing the Tab button.

  1. Ctrl + Alt + Delete:

We use this shortcut key when our computer system starts to hang and when pressed together it does a lot of work, such as Restart, Log Off, Shutdown, Sleep, Taskbar.

  1. Ctrl + A: Shortcut Key Of Select All

It is used to select all.

  1. Ctrl + O: Shortcut Key Of Open File

It is used to open file.

  1. Ctrl + P: Shortcut Key Of Print Document

It is used to print.

  1. Ctrl + Q:

It is used to close it.

  1. Ctrl + R: Shortcut Key Of Refresh-Reload

It is used to reload it.

  1. Ctrl + S: Shortcut Key Of Save File

It is used to save.

  1. Ctrl + U: Shortcut Key Of Underline

It is used to underline it.

  1. Ctrl + V: Shortcut Key Of Paste

It is used to paste.

  1. Ctrl + X: Shortcut Key Of Cut

It is used to cut.

  1. Ctrl + Z: Shortcut Key Of Undo

It is used to undo it.

  1. Ctrl + Y: Shortcut Key Of Redo

It is used to redo it.

  1. Prt Sc Sys Rq: Shortcut Key Of Screenshot | Shortcut Key Of Print-screen | Shortcut Key Of Computer Screenshot

They are used for screen copy of our computer.

16: CALC: Shortcut Key Of Calculator

This is used to open the calculator.

  1. MS Paint: Run Command Of Paint

It is used to open Paint Brush.

  1. Notepad: Run Command Of Notepad

This is done to open Notepad.

  1. Winword: Run Command of MS Word

This is done to open MS Word.

  1. Excel: Run Command Of Excel

This is done to open MS Excel.

  1. Ctrl + B: Shortcut Key Of Bold

It is used to bold it.

  1. Ctrl + C: Shortcut Key Of Copy

It is used to copy.

  1. Ctrl + D: Shortcut Key Of Font Change

It is used to font.

  1. Ctrl + E: Shortcut Key Of Center Alignment

It is used to center.

  1. Ctrl + F: Shorcut Key Of Find

It is used to find.

  1. Ctrl + G: Shortcut Key Of Go To

It is used to do Go To.

  1. Ctrl + I: Shortcut Key Of Italic

It is used to obliterate it.

  1. Ctrl + J: Shortcut Key Of Justify

It is used to justify it.

  1. Ctrl + K: Shortcut Key Of Hyperlink

It is used to hyperlink.

  1. Ctrl + L: Shortcut Key Of Left Alignment

It is used for Left Alignment.

  1. Ctrl + M: Shortcut Key Of Move File

It is used to move.

  1. Ctrl + N: Shortcut Key Of New File

It is used to do New File.

  1. MS Access: Run Command Of Access

This is done to open Access.

  1. C +; D +; E +; : Shortcut Key Of Open Drive

Colon is placed in front of any drive and it is opened.

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