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Ramyug Review: So, friends, today we are going to talk about a web series which is based on mythology. You must have come to know from its name that Ramyog is such a series, which will tell us about the Ramyug. A lot of questions are arising in the minds of people about this Ramyug series. Because a lot of people say that this series is telling the meaning of our mythological story. So let’s start going now, why is it being said so…

Modern Ramayan | Modern Ramyug Webseries

If you are now, then you must also know how challenging it is to review this Ramyug movie, because they have destroyed the sanctity of Ramayana through this series. Let us assume, if a child is watching the Ramayana for the first time, what will be the explanation by looking at the series of this Ramayug in front of him.

If you watch a single episode of this series, you will automatically say that it does not match our Ramayana story. I am saying this because when I watched this series, I found the roles of our dignity Purushottam Ram, Mata Sita, and Bhaiya Laxman very different in this episode. There is no such character in this series, who can express the feeling of our Ramayana story, he can tell the whole atmosphere, looking at the Ramyug, one does not realize that we are watching the scene of the story of Ramayana.

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Ram, Ram-no, Sita, Sita-no
If you notice that in Ramayana story, Sita along with Ram ji has also been considered a very important role. But this role should also be shown in this series only for the name. The role of Mata Sita is played by Aishwarya Ojha, but her lyrics and expression did not seem to be exactly the same with Mata Sita.

You also know that Bhaiyya Lakshmana has had such an important part in the entire Ramayana, but during this series, this role has been suppressed a lot and if it is said, it is not considered important.

Release Date


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Main CastDiganth Manchale As Ram
Aishwarya Ojha As Sita
Kabir Duhan Singh As Ravan
Akshay Dogra As Laxman
Vivan Bhathena As Hanuman
Production HouseR & R Films Ltd.
Ramyug Release Date6-May-2021
Available OnMX Player
Ramyug Total Episode8 Episodes
Running Time33-42 Mintues (Total 301 Minutes)

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Ramyug Movie Review | Ramyug Web Series

By the way, whenever a film or series is made on top of a Puranic story, it is definitely kept in mind that somewhere in the circle of showing your creativity, there is nothing wrong or meaningless to the audience. Be served. Because every film and series made on top of every legend has the aim of trying to explain something good to the coming generation, which emerged as some good habits in their life.

But while reviewing this Ramyug, people say that it is making meaning in mythology. Because this whole movie is made on where a Kunal Kohli Ram Yuga stands. So it is hoped that it will have a good effect on the children.

In his style, the director has told the full story of Ramayana in Ramyug Movie. He has divided this entire story into 8 parts, and it has been tried to show it like a serial. But you must also know from which all the characters of Ramayana have been shown respectively, but this Ramyug movie has changed everything.

For example: He has shown the scene of Ravana in the beginning, and then suddenly tells the story of Raja Dasaratha by taking a flash back. From this you can guess by yourself how the scenes of the characters of Ramayana have been tampered with.

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Filmy Ravan Role In Ramyug

Ravana’s role in Ramyug has been cast by popular actor Kabir Duhan Singh, but he has also disappointed the audience very much. He has shown such dialogues, such aspects of Ravana, which are very similar to a villain of South Movie. Now it is not the fault of these actors, but of their makers, because they have written so many “strange dialogues”, which are making meaning of the meaning of the modern Ram era.

Ramyug Worst Scene

The weakest episode in the Ramyug movie is considered to be the scene shown by him, like Talk about Ram and Sita, he has shown the love of Ram and Sita in many places like the love of a Shah Rukh-Kajol. In this entire series, you will get to see the villain of South Movie, strange dialogues, scenes of hero like Bahubali, etc. But you should forget that in this Ramyug you will see an old moving, our old Ramayana story.

Ramyug Where To Watch

Let us now know where you will get to see the Ram Yuga series? The OTT platform Mx Player has been selected for Ram Yuga Movie, here you can easily watch this series.

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