Sky Rojo Netflix Web Series Season 1 Release date, Cast, Trailer, Review

Recently, Sky Rojo Web Series Season 1 has been released on Netflix, so today we will tell you how Sky Rojo Web Series is and we will review Netflix’s web series Sky Rojo. Sky Rojo Series Season 1 has 8 episodes and all episodes are about half an hour. This web series is also available in Hindi

So friends Sky Rojo which is released on Netflix is ​​a Spanish Action Crime Drama Web series and the creator of this series Álex Pina and his team who have also made powerful web series like Money Heist before this. So now let’s see how Netflix’s Sky Rojo Web Series is made by them.

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Sky Rojo Netflix Web series Season 1 Release Date

Sky Rojo Season 1 Release 19 March 2021

Sky Rojo Season 1 Trailer

Title- Sky Rojo

Main cast – Verónica Sánchez, Lali Espósito, Cecilia Gómez, Yany Prado, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Asier Etxeandia, Enric Auquer, Rocco Narva
Director – Jesús Colmenar, Óscar Pedraza, David Victori, Albert Pintó, Javier Quintas, Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
Writer – Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato
Producer – Cristina López Ferraz
Genres –  Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Thriller
Country – Spain
Language – Spanish, Hindi, English
Release Date – 11 March 2021 (India)

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Season 1 Cast

1-Verónica sánchez as coral
2-Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Moisés
3-Asier etxeandia as Romeo
4-Lali Espósito as Wendy
5-Yany prado as gina
6-Enric auquer as christian
7-Cecilia Gómez as Gata
8-Luis zahera as alfredo
9-Chani Martín as Fernando
10-Daria Krauzo as Bambi

Sky Rojo Netflix Web series Season 1 Review

  • Sky Rojo Series Story

So first come on the story of this series, so if you have seen the trailer of this series then the story is also the same meaning i.e. 3 prostitutes Coral, Wendy and Gina who are running for their freedom after a small incident and that incident Because of this, some goons get behind them, who want to hold them back and take them back from where they run away.

Now you have to see in this series that the journals of these three take them to where they are and whether the goons manage to catch them or not.

Sky Rojo Web Series has 8 episodes and all episodes are about half an hour. That is, you have to give about three and a half hours to watch this entire web series, then you should also give precious time to watch this series or not, let’s see it.

  • Sky Rojo Series Review –

So friends, let me tell you first of all that this is a very good timepass web series, which you can definitely watch once.

But let me also tell you that this is not a family-watching series, that is, you have to watch the Sky Rojo web series all alone, the reason is the nudity shown in the series.

Where in this series we get to see a lot of nudity, which we can not see at all while sitting with the family.

And one more thing, while watching this series, you do not have to apply logic at all, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy this series.

But if you are thinking that if you do not want to put logic in the series, then the series will be useless, then no, this series does not bore you even for a moment.

This series has to be very fast i.e. this series has been kept very fast so that you do not get bored while watching. And you are not bored and after the end of the series you will feel that you have watched a good Timepaas series.

In addition to logic in this series, there is a problem, which is to finish this series in half, now it is confirmed that it will be Netflix behind it, who would have asked to do this so that the creators of this series made the second season of the Sky Rojo series. Can go

And the way the first season of Sky Rojo is over, people will be eagerly waiting for its Sond season. And it will be highly profitable for Netflix.

But I do not think this is a series whose second season should also come but let’s see how its Seond season comes out.

Apart from this, you will not see any problem in this series. This is a very good timepaas series that you can enjoy quite a lot by watching.

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  • How is the performance of the actors of Sky Rojo Series?

If I talk about the performance of the actors of the Sky Rojo series, then the performance of all the actors in this series is natural, that is, it is much better, in which we do not see any deficiency. All actors do justice with their own roles.

  • How is the direction of Sky Rojo Series?

If we talk about the direction of the series, then the direction of the series is very good, in which you will not feel any shortage.

But the budget of this series was very low, due to which the VFX of this series seems quite useless, in which we know clearly that the Green Screen has been used and said no. Apart from this, the BGM of the series is very good

And there is no answer to editing, about which I had already told you that editing of this series has been done very well, due to which you do not get bored at all while watching this series.

If we talk about the action of the series, then the action of the series is such that it has nothing to do with logic and why it will be known to you only after watching the series. And you will also get to see a little comedy in the series.

This is a good and timepaas web series that you can watch once but you can enjoy more in private.

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