a suitable boy netflix web series Release date, cast, trailer

a suitable boy netflix web series Release date, cast, trailer

a suitable boy is the BBC’s new television series released on BBC1 in the UK on 26 July and is being streamed on Netflix from 23 October. The series is based on a Nobel was written by Vikram Seth, and Meera Nair is its director. This series consists of 6 episodes of 1-1 hour.

a suitable boy Release Date

streamed on Netflix from 23 October


Title-a suitable boy

Main cast-Tabu, Ishaan Khatter, Rasika Dugal, and Ram Kapoor,Tanya Maniktala
Genre-love drama web series.
Director-Meera Nair

a suitable boy Story

 The story is in this series of 1951. We are shown two families Mehra and Kapoor family

 Let me first talk about the Mehra family. Lata Mehra’s mother is looking for a suitable boy for her daughter. But Lata is confusing among the three boys. The first boy is his college love, Kabir Durrani. In this series, Kabir is shown from a very scholarly family. Lata and Kabir’s love has grown a lot. Sometimes goes to hang out with him in the morning, And they kiss there too. And then Lata’s mother comes to know about Kabir. That he is a Muslim boy. Lata’s mother gets very angry knowing this, and Lata’s mother takes Lata with her to Kolkata. Lata’s sister-in-law meets Lata in Kolkata with her brother Amit. So that Lata and Amit’s marriage can move forward. Lata’s sister-in-law is very fashionable in this series, and she has also given very sexy scenes in the series. Amit is a writer in the series. Lata gets impressed by Amit’s charming personality, and the love starts between these two. The third boy is Haresh Lata’s mother likes that Lata wants to marry her daughter to Haresh. Haresh works in a shoe factory. Haresh is shown to be a very nice and proud boy.

Now let’s talk about the Kapoor family. Mahesh Kapoor is a revenue minister who cares a lot for the poor. Rich people don’t like Mahesh Kapoor much. Mahesh Kapoor lives in a big mansion with his wife and son Maan. A special friend of Mahesh Kapoor in the camp Also shown are those whose role is very important in the series, their name is Nawab Shah. Nawab Saheb is shown from the Muslim community. Nawab Saheb is very upset because a temple is being built in front of his mosque. He believes that the temple’s priests are deliberately building their temple in front of the mosque, so Nawab Shah prays to Mahesh Kapoor that this temple does not come here. Mahesh Kapoor talks to the minister, but the minister is shown as a very staunch Hindu in the series

In the series, the king of Maad is shown to be drunk, and at that time, the biggest prostitute in the city is Saida Bai, who spends full time with him. There is the son of Nawab Saheb, who tells Feroz Mahesh Kapoor’s son Maan in a scene. This is how these people can build a temple in front of our mosque. It should not be built here. It is absolutely wrong. Mahesh Kapoor’s son Maan falls in love with Saeeda Bai in the series. Mann’s age is shown as 22 or 23 in the series. Hai and Saeeda Bai’s age is shown from 45 to 50 years. Maan goes absolutely crazy behind her. Some sexy scenes of these two are also shown in the series. Saida Bai is shown very intelligently and religiously in the series. There is a fight between Hindus and Muslims behind the temple and mosque where hardcore Hindus kill Muslims and beat them and ask Gayatri Mantra only to the Hindu people, who cannot tell Gayatri Mantra, they also beat them as shown in the series. This is how Maan saves the life of Nawab Saheb’s son from this battle.

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