Annaatthe Full Movie Download 123mkv

Annaatthe Full Movie Download 123mkv

Friends, today we are going to talk about Annaatthe Full Movie Download 123mkv, this film is being told very well, if you want to watch this film, then we will definitely give you this film in this post for you to download.

Friends, today we are going to talk about South superstar Rajinikanth’s film Annaatthe, this film has been a big blockbuster. This film came in 2021, this film is played by Rajinikanth himself in the role of a brother and yes you can watch this film with your family too, this film is of 2:30 hours. You will not be at war at all while watching this film because this film is a family film, if we talk about the story of this film then you will like it very much.

Annaatthe Full Movie Download

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annaatthe movie cast

  1. Rajinikanth
  2. Keerthy Suresh
  3. Nayanthara
  4. Meena (actress)
  5. Kulappulli Leela
  6. Jagapathi Babu
  7. Abhimanyu Singh
  8. Prakash Raj
  9. Soori
  10. Sathish

annaatthe director: Shiva

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Friends, the film begins, some goons are chasing the orphan but when the goons stop after going to a place, it is known that we are not chasing him but he is following us and all those goons die orphaned. Then goes home orphaned also has a friend who is always with him but one day when orphaned goes to pick up his sister at the station he asks a guy why this train has stopped then his friend tells that behind Look, his sister will be descending and there will be tears in the eyes of the orphaned, then that friend says this is brother and sister’s love and when they used to go home by car, then on the way, seeing the sister on the way, remembers her childhood. The mother dies after giving birth to her sister, that is why she starts taking care of her sister more. Later, both of these people reach home and the family is very happy. One day in the cottage, she meets Pattamal, who is her advocate, and Patta Mal starts liking the orphan and gradually the closeness of the elder caste. But the story ahead is very funny if you want to listen well, you should download and watch this film because if you listen to the story, you will not like it so much and if you watch this film on TV then you will have to Will look great,

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In this film, if we talk about goons, then let us tell you that in this film, when the orphan’s sister was married, she suddenly disappears from her sister, and then all the family members do not tell the orphanage. And later the orphanage comes to know, then he sends his men everywhere to find his sister but is nowhere to be found, later when it comes to knowing that his sister is running away with a boy. He gets very angry, his men speak, if you tell, then cut off the head of this boy. But the orphanage refuses and tells him to leave but the procession that had come holds his feet to apologize to the boy’s father but the boy’s father interrupts. Slowly, after some time, when the boy’s family gets scared and gets the whole company in his name, then one day when the orphanage traces him to meet his sister, he finds his sister but she is very She is only in bad condition and then she is seen living in a place where the poor are living, then he talks to her owner and sends her to live in a good place where his girlfriend is living. He takes very good care of her but one day she sees a goon from the balcony and she gets very scared but when her sister goes to a club one day to give money to her goon then he is teasing her sister But his sister says now I bring money and she leaves but then the orphanage comes and kills those goons a lot and he leaves.

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Friends, if you want to download and watch this film, then we will tell you a very easy way and you people will like it very much. If you want to watch Annaatthe movie download filmywap in 720p then you don’t have to do anything that we have hit the search, you have to die and you will be able to watch this movie in a very easy way without any interruption and yes we want to tell you this All the websites from where you download movies are illegal, then there is a possibility of getting a virus in your phone, that is why you should download and watch movies very carefully because many movies can also be seen for free…

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