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Dhaakad Movie Review Kangana Ranaut has appeared in this Dhaakad movie in the same style as you saw Salman Khan in’Tiger’series or Akshay Kumar in’Baby’, that is, such a super-secret agent. One who kills or lifts the adversaries of the country indeed after entering the adversary country by risking his life. For this, whether he has to change his disguise, someone has to be trapped in the love trap, or how numerous people have to be removed from the path. In such a situation, there’s tremendous action in the movie, but maybe as important emotion and glamor of Kangana, so this movie can be a treat for Kangana suckers. On the other hand, it’s like the rest of the operations movie to the rest.


Cast Kangana Ranaut, Sharib Hashmi, Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta etc.
Director Rajneesh Ghai

Star Rating 3
Where to watch In theaters

Father gets boggled in nonage

This is the story of a girl named Agni (Kangana Ranaut), whose father is boggled by her nonage. This shocks him so much that despite playing with pitfalls every day as a secret agent, the scene of his father’s murder frequently comes in front of his eyes. He doesn’t get any benefit indeed from comforting.

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Dhaakad movie where to watch

Dhaakad Movie Review:- The villain of the story is Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal), around whom this entire movie (Dhaakad) revolves. Arjun Rampal has made a comeback through this strong part and the hard work he has put in to borrow the Chattisgarhia tone of getup and colloquial is also visible. Rudraveer is in the business of coal theft and girl force, due to which he doesn’t vacillate to kill his father too. In which his mate Rohini (Divya Dutta) accompanies him. The operation against these two is the story of this movie, but there’s also a twist. Divya’s choice for this movie can be a bit confusing because the acting is strong in it too, but this serious and cruel image of her doesn’t climb into the minds of people.

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Kangana will see a lot of action scenes

Like this Kangana (Kangana Ranaut) gives her life from the veritably first scene, she has given great action sequences. She also works as a secret agent. But despite doing the action that Katrina had with Salman in Tiger, in less clothes, Kangana couldn’t do it alone. But there’s no idol in this movie (Dhaakad), so the whole movie is on the shoulders of Kangana alone. In such a situation, only Kangana suckers can make this movie a megahit.
Although a lot of hard work has been done on the characters of Arjun Rampal and Kangana, their getups also leave an impact. The movie is also short, of 2 hours 10 twinkles, so it doesn’t give you a chance to get wearied. Sharib Hashmi also looks amazing without a mustache and with a Bhopali accentuation. The most important part is that of Saswat Chatterjee. Those who would have seen him in Jagga Jasoos would have a good idea of what an amazing actor he is. Then the part of the Secret Service Chief is effective.

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The specialty of the movie is Kangana Ranaut’s new and different station, great action sequences, cinematography, people’s getups, and some discourses too. Just like I’m the son of banana, before the Guddi I pay attention to the Gaddi, or differently, I don’t kill the father, the government has been brought down. For this, Ritesh Shah’s hard work will have to be praised. The screenplay is by Rajeev Ji Menon and is relatively tight. Director Rajneesh Ghai has also worked hard on the screenplay. Before, he has made flicks like Money Control and Ishq Bector.

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But Kangana has a movie, so she has worked hard. From anywhere, Kangana isn’t seen speaking much in this movie, only the discourses of the count are spoken. She talks about work and is seen in action more than speaking, in a veritably rough and tough style. Music may be the weak side of this movie, but it does not have an important compass in a tightly paced action film. Dhaakad Movie Review

The film is a treat for Kangana’s suckers

Its casting is also good in comparison to Maze, Tumul Balyan and Gabrielle have also got good places. Overall, those who like action will like this movie (Dhaakad). For Kangana suckers, this is like a treat. Yes, it would be spare to have prospects like KGF or RRR.

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