Shakeela full Movie: Review | Release Date | Cast | Trailer

Shakeela full Movie: Review | Release Date | Cast | Trailer

This film prepared by actress Richa Chadha, ‘Shakeela‘ has found its way to release. This film’s director Indrajit Lankesh has made it clear in an interview that he will soon release the biopic of South Indian movies pornographic actress Shakeela in theaters. He has fixed the date of Christmas, i.e., 25 December. The film will raise problems for young actor Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan’s OTT film ‘Coolie No.1’ to be released on this day.

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Who was Shakeela

Shakeela was a famous actress in the famous 90s Malayalam film industry at that time. She was also a renowned actress of Shakeela South. Her career started with her first film, Play Girl in South. In this film, she was in a supporting role. She shared some such sexy scenes that she became the star of South overnight. Soon she also became the most expensive star of the South.

Shakeela was born in Chennai. She had seven brothers and sisters. When she was 23 years old, her father died when her father was not aware of her work. You will see these things in Shakeela’s biography movie. Shakeela also told how her mother pushed her into the profession of prostitution. She said that my mother had been told that I have many children, all have to be cared for, so I had to go into the profession of prostitution at the age of 17 to go to films. I decided to start my career with my first movie, playgirl, in 1995. After that, I got a lot of films. There was a time that Shakeela had to stop working. The film maker refused to take her into movies. Giving that people will feel that our film is blue, but Shakeela kept moving forward in her life, and she is still active in films, now soon you will get to see a movie on Shakeela’s biography in which the lead role is playing Richa Chadda.

Shakeela Release Date

Release date of Christmas 25 December 2020.

Shakeela Teaser

Shakeela’s biopic seems to have generated widespread interest from the audience. Based on the adult star’s life, the biopic features Richa Chadha and Pankaj Tripathi in lead roles and is directed by Indrajit Lankesh.

The trailer of the films released 24 hours ago has already mesmerized the audience. People are waiting for this film, which promises to show the full truth of Shakeela’s life. The movie trailer has become a topic of discussion on social media but has been viewed over 3 million times. It is still trending among the top videos on YouTube

This story will definitely entertain people, but will sometimes tell them about the double standards that we have with the stories of certain characters who are wrongly known about someone without them Tales of life have been told. I am glad that Indrajit took him to make this film and to write such a research character. I am thankful to the audience who supported us with their confidence and support.


Main cast-Richa Chadha,Pankaj Tripathi, Rajeev Pillai, Rajeev Rabindranathan

Genre-Biopic of South Indian films pornographic actress

Director-Indrajit Lankesh


Indrajit started shooting for the film ‘Shakeela’ in the year 2018, and he was to release the movie in the summer of this year. However, the film could not be released when the locks in cinemas in the country hung due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus. Now Inderjeet has decided that he will release his film in theaters on Christmas. The story is a biopic of actress Shakeela, who worked as a porn star in Malayalam films in the 90s. Richa Chadha will be seen playing the main character of Shakeela in this film. Richa Chadha would also like to achieve a significant place by playing adult star Shakeela’s very challenging character on screen. Along with Richa, the film will feature Pankaj Tripathi, Rajeev Pillai, Rajeev Rabindranathan, etc., in the lead roles. According to director Indrajit, this story is based on the triumph of the human spirit.

Indrajit says that when the film industry Shakeela stepped in, the whole scene changed. Shakeela gained overnight fame in films and became well-liked. His movies started running in theaters for a hundred days. Large actors of Malayalam films began to fear Shakeela’s increasing popularity. So, he started aggravating problems for Shakeela’s films. Many producers also withdrew advance rupees for their movies from Shakeela. Shakela had to go back to her small house and live tired. After this, Shakeela has worked in almost two hundred fifty films. Shakeela did mostly B-grade movies and was also dubbed into Nepali, Chinese, Sinhalese, etc. languages. Shakeela’s popularity was such that her films also came to be known as ‘Shakeela’s films.’

Movie posters

Bollywood actress Richa Chadda’s most updated film Shakeela has been released, where Richa Chadha was seen in the film’s first poster. In the second poster, Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi has seen this film. Pankaj Tripathi is also going to play an important role in this film. The poster shows that he will be seen playing a superstar of South, in this poster, Pankaj Tripathi with black glasses. One is seen holding the trophy in one hand and the other hand holding the mic in one hand.

Bollywood actress Richa Chadda is going to bring Shakeela’s character on screen. This film will show the story of Shakeela’s foray into the film industry to become a playgirl. If you do not know about Shakeela, then tell that she has worked in many adult films in languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu Malayalam.

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