The Kashmir Files Full Movie Download Moviesflix

The Kashmir Files Full Movie Download Moviesflix

Friends, today we are going to talk about The Kashmir Files Full Movie, this film is being told very well if you want to watch this movie, then we are going to tell you this movie in this post for you to download.

The Kashmir Files Movie

Nirma data imagine a man opening confessing to killing more than 25 people from your community and more simply upon the instructions of a superior with no qualms of who or what the target represent in the Grand scheme of things and to see the same and walk around the streets of your home like nothing happened the physical and mental trauma that would get trigger the very site to search a person under your goal 250 degrees on space is something that I can never imagine my parents who grew up in Jammu wood of an account but the several political and social changes that take place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in each decade coming to a group some point in the late eighties weather was absolutely no control of the separatist forces that take the claim of an independent Kashmir especially DP motivated and influences by the forces across the border then Shikara had presented a story initially marketed as the untold story of Kashmiri pandits many were left in disarray after watching the film as it presented a romantic story line with the backdrop of the genocide of the Kashmiri Pandit and many felt like it.

The Kashmir Files Full Movie

The Kashmir Files Cast

  • Mithun Chakraborty
  • Amaan Iqbal
  • Pallavi Joshi
  • Darshan Kumar
  • Anupam Kher
  • Chinmay Mandlekar
  • Bhasha Sumbli
  • Puneet Issar
  • Mrinal Kulkarni
  • Prakash Belawadi

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provided a sanitize version of The dramatic turn of events that endured by the community Vivek Agnihotri through the Kashmir files present A firm that chronicle several events that took place in the Kashmir Valley from 1989 from extreme is group causing mass Hysteria and violence on the streets several executions of active members of society that were conducted and the categorical religious cleansing of the value that still goes under the radar of mainstream media once considered to be heaven on earth Kashmir has slowly transformed into becoming held in every shape and form Agnihotri through this film creates a back-and-forth in a screenplay from The dramatic events in the Kashmir Valley from 1989 to 2016 shedding light on the experiences of our protagonist Krishna Pandit played by Darshan Kumar in Delhi as his studies in college and visits the valley for the first time since he was a toddler created and designed as friends of pushkarnath Pandit reunite with one another in Kashmir and revisit the experience is they had while still talking with Krishna a person coming to terms with his identity and what Kashmir represents to him in his life this film really over by me with varied emotions from anger to disgust to share discomfort this movie is not meant for.

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the faint hearted and never came across and its narrative is forced to with messaging the political leaning of Vivek Agnihotri is public knowledge especially as an Alliance with left leaning thoughts but is individual opinion on the current left never take centre stage in the sperm the service to be provided to shed light on the real ingarsal events that took place in our own country the operations of which are still elusive and most establishment seem to padh a blind eye towards whenever we think of Kashmir and firms we think to beautiful landscapes and colour usually the state was portrayed as an ideal backdrop for romance with this is a different Kashmir and this firm absolutely devoid of colour on most lifeless like a Corpse that turns pale and blue Uday Singh Mohite has done a splendid job in depicting the lifeless nature of a state that was once vibrant and you will only did not improve Grace and blue highlighting the sense of normalcy that community longs for this film is atmosphere 1 in every way even though I was that some of the moving shot this time was more the as the camera Travels your fancy key elements being out of focus but I guess that’s the rock Gorilla style of filmmaking that Agnihotri was going for with this firm but I was sceptical about when I saw the trailer of this movie was that I just wished that characters were grounded in their approach when they interact with one another one might think is right with the tashkand files was the loud it which characters would interact with each other almost screeching and shouting loudly while getting their point across and a blurring background score to go in queue overkill mode through the spin and the sensitivity of the topic requires Agnihotri has with great skill steered away from that page and provided.

the Kashmir files movie download

a real tone to not only the way he captures the environment around him but how is the characters interact with each other I was waiting for the old ways to start the shouting match the moment the congregated to discuss topics in the living room with their drinks but it accounts for organic and heart touching conversation that also seem to integrate genuine moments of humour representative of our group scope trauma in order to simply persist in carry on I honestly cannot what the performance is this film many of the members are the supporting cast standing out for me a genuine candidates who understood the assignment in came out with flying colours absolutely love the method as Brahma that an IAS officer who seems to be powerless in a political system that is smart with corruption and red tape East is composed through most the running manager of the film only to burst in providing clarity to Krishna as relationship with the state of J&K and impressionable youth who has anyone scratch the surface with what went down in the valley is genuinely account for a heartbreaking moment of an individual that just want to be heard an acknowledged a Ravi Joshi is hauntingly brilliant in this film is the professor Radhika Menon mostly dismissive the atrocities cause towards the Kashmiri pandits flippantly regarding dm’s upper caste group that had a slight.

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The Kashmir Files Full Movie inconvenience by the character is an amalgamation of where is individuals in real life of the current life she never came across this character is no one told to me the manipulated tactics utilised by the character in Performance pushkarnath Pandit in his interaction with his family especially his grandchildren and his friends on the growing concern to the development in the valley their sin he put his anxiety and apprehension with great is it is the years passed by and how the man has become a shell of what he was there does go slightly dramatic in his portrayal of a man experiencing severe ptsd Anupam Kher however shines especially in a scene very communicate to Krishna of the beauty of Kashmir and what and where he would like to be when he takes his last breath is not entirely Jatin Patel sound is performance to sign in certain moments most to the moments but Falta in a few Agnihotri through is green tea leaves no stone unturned surprisingly and I was very impressed from across time point that he did not assist most of the dramatic sequences with the melancholic background score he allows the viewer to sit with the trauma with nearly silence is the value only across the wailing of families in the sound of gun shot with inflammatory slogans the scene of Kashmiri pandits in the back of a truck traveling in the middle of the Year light as a Kashmiri song please in the background and a girl struggles to relieve herself has to be one of the most bone chilling sequences as seen in recent years I do hope that the film was edited a little better as more scenes and with the black screen and carry on to the next topic rather than having a cookie is a structure that goes from point a to point B the first half of.

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the film presents events that you can find a lot of information on whoever has done research about the events of the mass genocide can literally point out the characters and situations portrayed in the first half leaving no scope for even a debate about certain events not taking place when the film dost a creative Liberty only one moment stood out for me as jarring when Agnihotri tries to create a connection with the present left and notorious terrorist with the hilarious framed photo I thought that was a bit on the nose and stay away from the otherwise grounded and realistic approach by the creator I think the film showcases Darshan Kumar in his career as best performance I was surprised when the share conviction hi showcased in this he is brilliant and most other supporting roles that here O trade and I was really taken aback by his heart breaking portrayal of a man who is just trying to understand the polarizing world we live in today I think he was a perfect protagonist for a film like this because he represents everyone has a sense of doubt in the world we live in today a world of absolute SBI statement immediately label you as a particular group Darshan especially shines in his last act giving everything as he addresses the college clearly communicated on the misguided perception that people have the state brilliantly stating that Kashmir ka search Itna such a ke Hamen. The Kashmir Files Full Movie

The Kashmir files Watch Online 720p

Jhooth hiĀ  hai and concluding perfectly by saying Apte Kariye Kaise Milana cha he Saja and who deserve justice film is a brutal honesty and unapologetic a converted community and therefore no fault of days and I think denying the very existence of a historical event no matter what your political ideology with the assumption that it will add fuel to the fire of the polarizing world we live in today would be only representatives of one political ideology stopping themselves from even giving a story chance someone rightly pointed out in the comment section of the trailer review of this movie and every story Need to be told you be simply ridicule this venture by turning it is a program and vehicle we would be doing a major disservice to the houses of Kashmiri pandits were still refugees in their own country this movie is not meant for the faint-hearted be taking the leap to understand empathize with the community that never had a shoulder to lean on and were left to fend for themselves is a story that needs to be told and something that you should definitely witness in theatres. The Kashmir Files Full Movie

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